About Your Dentist

John K. Hackbarth, DDS

“Making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world.”

My Mission

“I am dedicated to providing each patient with exceptional dental care and education in order to help them enjoy the many benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. Ultimately, I want to do everything possible to improve not just their oral health and appearance but also their self-confidence and overall quality of life.”


Doctor of Dental Surgery
University of Texas Health Science Center Dental Branch – Houston, TX

Bachelor of Science
University of Texas – Houston, TX

Continued Education & Professional Memberships

Since earning his DDS degree in 1976, Dr. Hackbarth has dedicated himself to lifelong learning, professional development, and pursuing advanced training. His activities include the following:

  • Past President of the Society for Advanced Micro Dentistry
  • Publications Editor for the Society of Occlusal Studies
  • Associate of the Texas Institute of Advanced Dental Sciences
  • Member of the American Orthodontic Society
  • Member of the American Equilibration Society, the largest organization in the world dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of dental occlusion (bite problems) and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders

In addition to formal coursework, Dr. Hackbarth frequently gains invaluable hands-on experience working alongside other leaders in oral health care, from honing his surgical skills while assisting other dental surgeons to studying with physical therapists in order to learn more about dental-related breathing problems. He is also committed to patient education by authoring more than 100 columns for Galveston’s two newspapers, The Daily News and The Post.

Dr. H has also found it quite edifying to provide instruction for his peers on advancements in a range of dental services. Most recently, he traveled across the country to teach new strategies for removable aligner therapy and other cosmetic procedures.

Personal Life & Hobbies

Dr. Hackbarth and his wife, JoAnn are both Texas natives whose ancestors were here way back when revolution led to the creation of the Republic of Texas. While Dr. H and JoAnn enjoy traveling, they are always happy to return home. Dr. Hackbarth simply enjoys spending time with his family, regardless of whether they are shopping, working in the yard, taking long walks, or biking around Texas City’s scenic parks. He is also a gourmet chef who loves to create new dishes. (Ask him about his jalapeño cream sauce on fresh red snapper…delicious!)

JoAnn is vital to the office’s success, acting as the bookkeeper and overseeing both customer and staff relations. In addition to her administrative excellence, patients rave about the personal touch she has added to the office decor. In her spare time, JoAnn enjoys decorating at home and at the office. She is a former educator and served on the local school board for six years.